MCA Youth Mentoring Network

This program is designed to match middle school and high school young Muslims with a mentor in the Ann Arbor community. Through this, we hope to create trustful, reliable relationships between the different generations in our community.

The mentors that have been selected for this program have all been approved and are qualified to be mentors.  These are well-rounded college age and young professional community members that we believe to be great role models.  They have participated in youth mentoring programs before and excel at goal setting, respecting boundaries, and developing relationships.

This program is intended to be a way for our youth to increase their connectivity to each other and the community, undergo personal development, all while having fun and improving their deen.

Currently, mentors meet with their mentees 1-2 times per month for short discussions as well as fun activities. This program is not intended to be another time block of busy time, rather something enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved.

If you are interested, please register at the this link.

If you have additional questions, please contact: