New Muslim Services

Alhamdulilah, a large number of people are accepting Islam. At the MCA, we believe it is our social duty to help new Muslims understand the faith and slowly build themselves into great assets for our ummah.

Local Services:

Online Services:

Well established online services also exist that help new Muslims learn and practice this faith at their own pace. We recommend the following websites:
  1. New Muslim Academy
    • Endorsed by many including Shaykh Waleed Basyouni & Dr. Bilal Philips among many others
    • You start by making an account at:
    • You have the choice to pace your program at your convenience and undergo basic modules & videos followed by quizzes and exams
  1. New Muslim Guide
    • A very well structured set of books that are also available on mobile app stores.
    • Website:
    • Sh. Waleed Basyouni was very involved in the production of this guide and it is a perfect go-to resource for both new Muslims and a beneficial reminder for current Muslims