Zakah Application


The Zakah committee reports to the MCA Treasurer and is chartered to facilitate the distribution of Zakah money in accordance with the principles of Sharia and in compliance with the Federal and State guidelines and laws.

All Zakah applications are directly forwarded to the Zakah Committee. The Zakah Committee takes great care in ensuring total confidentiality so that the
dignity of our Muslim brothers and sisters is maintained. The Zakah committee assesses the needs of the applicant and issues recommendations based on its guidelines to the MCA Treasurer to disburse the Zakah money.

Please bring the following documents with you to expedite your application for assistance:

  • MCA Zakah Application
  • Photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Names and phone numbers of two references from the MCA community, that are familiar with your current situation
  • One month’s pay stubs
  • Most recent income tax return
  • Most recent bank statements, checking, and savings
  • Rent Receipt
  • Any other bills, eviction notices, etc.

For more information, please call 734-665-6772.

Download the MCA Zakat Application Form.

Download (PDF, 104KB)