Administration & Instructors


Abdullah Amin

Principal & Lead Instructor

Sr. Zaineb Al-Awadhi


Khaled Mahmood

MCA Education Chair

Saturday Program:

Abdullah Amin

Quran Reading (IQRA Intermediate) Instructor

Safia Hamida

Quran Reading (IQRA Beg.) Instructor

Sunday Program:

Nazmeih El-Khatib

Arabic/QS/IS (KG) Instructor

Islam Abudiab

Quaranic Language (Lev 1-3) Instructor

Ebrahim AlShakdari

Quaranic Language (Lev 4-6) Instructor

ElKhadem Saidane

Islamic Studies (Lev 1-3) Instructor

Eman Azizi

Islamic Studies (Lev 4-6) Instructor

Ranna El-Khatib

Quranic Studies (Lev 1-3) Instructor

Nuha Mahmood

Quranic Studies (Lev 4-6) Instructor

Saima Munshi

Lev 7-8 Instructor


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