Rules & Policies

The Executive Committee (EC) has actively been implementing various policies to help streamline various processes at the masjid. Each one of these policies have been discussed in an EC meeting and have been approved by the means of a voting process within the EC. Through this page, we are making these policies available to the general public.

1. Membership Approval Process

Our organization is a non-profit organization that is run by the active participation of members from all walks of life. We strongly encourage you to sign up for membership by using the online application form here. In case you prefer not to submit your application online, please visit the MCA office. The following document describes the membership approval process that follows your application.

2. Guidelines for Non-Muslim Visitors

The following document lists various guidelines for non-Muslim visitors to the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor.

3. Zakah Distribution

Distribution of Zakah is a trust. The following document explains the process used in the distribution of Zakah to the poor and needy of our community.

4. Noticeboard Policy

The following document lists out our policy with regards to the operation of the MCA Noticeboard.

5. No Solicitation

The following document lists out the MCA policy towards any form of solicitation including but not limited to distribution of any form of literature.

6. Public Comments at EC Meetings

The general public – both men and women – are welcome to attend all EC meetings and follow the proceedings. They will also be provided with a time for their comments, as explained in the attached document below.

7. Facebook and Twitter Pages

Our Facebook and Twitter pages are strongly driven by the community at large. The attached document explains the policy regarding posts and comments made in these pages.

8. Event Organization

Are you interested in organizing an event at MCA? The following document is a checklist of the required steps to be taken in order to organize an event at MCA.

9. Invited Speakers

This page describes the MCA policy for inviting speakers. If you are interested in organizing an event, please refer to our event organization policy here. If this event would include a speaker, please make sure to follow the policy listed below.

10. Event Sales Policy

MCA intends to be a welcoming place for all members of our community. In order to encourage attendance at various social and educational events, we are opening up to the sale of items at MCA. This sale will be in strict adherence to the policy below.

11. Jumuah Fundraising Policy

The following document lists our policy for fundraising by non-profit tax-exempt organizations at our organization. You may fill the application form at the bottom of this page.

12. Screen Utilization

The following policy lists out the policy at our organization for using the projector and/or tv screens for various occasions.


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