Prayer Schedule


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Adhan Iqamah
Fajr 6:41 7:15
Sunrise 7:56 --
Dhuhr 1:20 1:50
Asr 4:15 4:30
Maghrib 6:43 06:53
Isha 8:00 8:10

Jumuah Prayer Schedule:
First: Adhan – 12:00pm ; Iqama – 12:30pm
Second: Adhan – 1:30pm ; Iqama – 2:00pm

Download the October Prayer Schedule here.


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Weekly Educational Programs

Every evening, after Isha Prayer
Conducted by Imam Moataz Al-Hallak

These programs have all re-started after a break for Eid-ul-Adha

Join us for your daily dose of knowledge – an educational program every evening for twenty minutes, conducted by Imam Moataz Al-Hallak

Weekly Education

MCA Islamic School (MCAIS) Weekend Program

After restructuring and revitalization of the MCA’s weekend school programs, we are now opening up the school for parents to enroll their children.

Please read through all the details below.

Note – You may either pay online via your credit card or pay onsite. Follow the instructions below for the method of payment you choose – you will need to fill this form for both methods.

Application Form

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