Will Template

This is a generic, attorney approved, will template designed for Muslims in Michigan. MCA also offers to safeguard your will by maintaining records of your will in a safe and secure fashion. We ensure:

Complete privacy of your Will until your demise – we will not open your will.

A physical copy of your Will shall be stored in the masjid safe box.

A scanned copy of your Will shall be stored in a private Google Drive folder accessible only to the authorities of the masjid.

In the case of your demise, MCA will strive to carry out your will in consultation with your family members according to your wishes within the guidelines of the Sharia.

If you would like the MCA to safeguard your will, follow the instructions below:

Complete the template with your details as appropriate

Scan your completed will

Submit it to us using the form at the bottom of this page

Print the application, fill it, take a picture then send it with the other requirements to [email protected]. Download the Will Template Form below:


Please reach out to our Imams if you have any question by filling the form below

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