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While MCA makes every effort to provide reliable and authentic sources and links about Islam, the information listed on these website may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of MCA Board, its affiliates and our Imam. We advice our readers to contact our Imam for any questions or issues related to these links which they might find objectionable so that we can change or remove these links. Thank you and May GOD guide us on the straight path


ISLAM INTRODUCTION Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam – islam-guide.com

Islamic guide for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Holy Quran (Koran).

Introduction To Islam – whyIslam.org

Introduction to Islam, Five Pillars of Islam, Free Information Material

Understanding Islam – islamicity.com

Information about Islam, Quran, Muslims, Islamic Principles, laws, etc

Islamic Finder – islamicfinder.org

Find information about Islam, Mosques/Muslim businesses near you, etc

New Muslim Stories – whyislam.org/forum

Stories of new Muslims, Q&A, Discuss your concerns, Forum, etc.

New Muslim Videos – turnToIslam.com

Various videos containing series of Videos showing people 

Be Convinced – beconvinced.com

Explore, Discover and Be Convinced. Understand Islam, Quran, etc


Free Quran – freequran.org

Free (Audio/Book) copy of Quran in English, Spanish, French, and Russian.

New Muslim Stories- whyislam.org/forum

Stories of new Muslims, Q&A, Discuss your concerns, Forum, etc.


Prophet Muhammad – muhammad.net

An educational website on the biography, mission and the message of Muhammad (peace be on him), the last prophet of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad DVD – cair-net.org

Free DVD and book by PBS about Prophet Muhammad.


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