Youth Directors

About our Youth Directors:

The Executive Committee & Board of Trustees warmly welcome our two newest additions to the team and pray that Allah (SWT) brings benefit to our youth through their efforts!

Br. Amir Naeem has been an active member of our community for over a decade during which he organized many successful youth events in local communities. Br. Amir has often been recruited as a khateeb, mentor, counselor, instructor, and youth speaker at MYNA, MMYC, MCA, MIA, Canton masjid, and many others. Graduating from EMU with a BS in English, he has actively been teaching and has also been studying at the Islamic Online University pursuing a BA in Islamic studies. He currently resides in Ypsilanti with his wife and two children. 
You can contact Br. Amir Naeem by sending an email to
Sr. Nahlah Al-Hallak‘s passion for teaching dates back to her time teaching Qur’an at MCA at the age of 16 where she taught for 6 years. While teaching, she pursued a two-year diploma in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University and completed her memorization of the Quran. She has also taken multiple seminars through AlMaghrib Institute. Sr. Nahlah recently completed her Bachelors in Linguistics from EMU. She is now teaching at a Shajara Tayyibah, an Islamic School & Preschool in Canton. 

You can contact Sr. Nahlah Al-Hallak by sending an email to