Zakah Application

The MCA of Ann Arbor distributes the Zakah money it collects from the members of the community to those in need. If you are in need, or know some one who is in need, you can download the Zakah Application Form here.

You are requested turn in the completed Zakah application form along with the required documents at the MCA office.

Due to Coronavirus outbreak please send the application by email to [email protected], if you choose to drop off the application or mailing it expect some delay in processing.

How to submit application through email?

Print the application, fill it, take a picture then send it with the other requirements to [email protected].
Download the Zakah Application Form below:

Muslim Community Association
of Ann Arbor Zakat Assistance Eligibility Form

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: This Zakat Form includes highly personal and Confidential
Information intended only for restricted, internal use by authorized personnel exclusively for evaluation of Zakat requests. Unauthorized use, copying, distribution or dissemination is strictly prohibited.

INSTRUCTIONS: Kindly help us to help those in need of Zakat. Please provide accurate and detailed information so we may evaluate Zakat requests in a timely and effective manner


Please reach out to our Imams if you have any question by filling the form below

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